Crystal Parks

Mixed Media

Crystal Parks, an Artist who dabbles in a little bit of everything. Murals, portrait, rocks, upcycling, canvas art, chalk, illustration, watercolor, facepaint...wherever the inspiration strikes!
Every medium its own personality; intriguing and eloquent.
She’s been blessed to stumble upon many different opportunities throughout her artistic career.
Some of her work can be found in murals in and around Elmira, Ny. Other work in the illustrations of children’s books, and even more on canvas in homes and businesses. Most often, she works with acrylic, oil, and watercolor, but can be found every year at the Elmira Street Painting festival; covered in chalk.

Where can I see some of your work?
Check out the gallery page, or my Facebook for a larger sampling.
A few pieces have found their way into homes and private businesses all around the Twin Tiers.

My work can be found all over the Finger Lakes region.
You may see me mural-ing in Elmira, Ny.
"Vaudeville on the Wing of a Ring-Billed Gull" on Railroad Ave, Elmira.

Mural Painting, Elmira
Owen's Bedroom

Watercolor Postcard

Each one handcrafted and unique. Painted on cold-press paper and sealed, these come ready to be stamped and sent.
Custom orders welcome! Contact for a consultation.






Of Course!
Contact me here, call, text, or find me on Facebook

Price varies by size and complexity of the piece. Quotes are always free. It would be my honor to work with you in creating something special.

What's for sale?

There's always a few pieces available, but this changes constantly. At this time, I am most often updating my available pieces on my Facebook page:
Check that out, or contact me and I would be happy to help you find something to suit your needs.
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